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Accessing all the information of a company in a quick and easy way is mandatory and critical, nowadays. This allows a faster and more precise decision-making, strategy adjusting and good management based on real and trustworthy insights. It’s necessary for any organization to have automated processes, allowing the insertion of information and data automatically.

Automating processes such as invoice or order slips data entry, will make it more agile, fast and precise.

An Artificial Intelligence system that automates data entry will not only reduce time consumption but also errors caused by manual work and decentralized or lost files. Some companies are able to optimize the processes by more than 70%.

Doc Recognizer is an Artificial Intelligence based platform that allows anyone to extract data from documents, process it automatically and integrate it with other existing solutions.

When Teaching the AI, every time you upload a document, Doc Recognizer will recommend a template suitable to use for the data extraction and after the confirmation it will execute the module for the extraction and exhibit the results to the user.


Main benefits of Doc Recognizer:

  • Teach the AI and create multiple templates accordingly to your needs
  • Automate your documents processing
  • Upload & process multiple documents at same time
  • Integrate your data with other existing solutions
  • Manage users and the security of your data
  • Configure roles and assign them to users
  • View how users interact with the platform and control the generated data


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Doc Recognizer is a product developed by BI4ALL, a leader in consulting services with excellence competences in areas of Digital Transformation and Data Strategy, focusing on Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualizations, CPM and Software Engineering.

BI4ALL has already been recognized with more than 27 national and international awards and has more than 270 employees, entirely focused on Data Analytics, which are part of a growing structure.

Automate all documents processing with

Doc Recognizer

Automate the processing of all your different documents with a simple and intuitive interface.

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