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How to automate processes in 2022 with Artificial Intelligence and Doc Recognizer?

What is a company, if not a whole set of complex, time-consuming processes, with different players from different fields of action? Hence the importance of being able to simplify and automate, in an agile and efficient way, the vast majority of these processes, thus managing to save time and money. Doesn't it seem like an excellent challenge for the coming new year?

One of the main objectives of Artificial Intelligence is to simplify our life, acting in the resolution of problems, namely the automation of processes. And some of the biggest advantages of process automation are:

  • Standardization and greater speed in the execution of processes
  • Create and promote a culture of digitization in the company and employees
  • Increased productivity
  • Low error rate
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced time that can be applied to more productive tasks
  • Integration of departments (for example, the Sales department can easily consult useful documents from the Finance department)


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning positively contribute to the action plan to reduce the amount of tasks that the company's employees need to do, allowing an efficient extraction of unstructured data and an automatic and faster classification of documents. Doc Recognizer, combined with Artificial Intelligence, allows you to:

  • Teach Artificial Intelligence and create various models according to your needs
  • Automate the processing of your documents (invoices, receipts, purchase orders, etc.)
  • Upload and process multiple documents at the same time
  • Integrate your data with other existing solutions
  • Manage users and the security of their data
  • Configure roles and assign to users
  • See how users interact with the platform and control the data generated

Embrace intelligent process automation in your organization's 2022 strategy and enjoy more time, more results, more efficiency, with less costs and errors, for you, your company and all employees. Request your free demo of Doc Recognizer and see in a personalized way how to revolutionize your business document processes.

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Product Growth Specialist


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