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What is OCR and how can it help your business?

In the digital era we live in, document scanning is becoming more and more a requirement for companies. The advantages of this reality range from guaranteeing the safety of its use to reducing the physical space that the documentation occupies. See those cabinets that look like a file library? The goal is to digitize a large part of this documentation, and fight for a world with less dust.

Jokes aside, what is OCR after all? It is a set of computer vision tasks that convert scanned documents and images into human-readable text for artificial intelligence. By taking images of documents, invoices and receipts, text is found on them and converted into a format that artificial intelligence can process more efficiently. Text detection from document images allows natural language processing algorithms to decipher the text and make sense of what the document conveys.

Machine learning-based approaches are quick to develop and go through a series of pre-processing steps, in which the inspected document is cleaned and noise is removed. The document is then binarized for further contour detection to aid in the detection of rows and columns. Finally, the characters that build the lines are extracted, segmented and identified through various machine learning algorithms. In other words, in a very practical way, it becomes possible to extract data from documents, process them automatically and integrate them with other solutions.

This technology has several benefits for companies and their professionals, highlighting these three:

  • Elimination of manual data entry – eliminates manual data entry, allowing the identification of data directly from document images, reducing data entry time and processing errors.
  • Improved access and searchability - scanned documents can be indexed easily, making them searchable across many documents, whether by content, title or even by keywords.
  • More storage space - OCR aids in document scanning, thus increasing storage space.

However, it is important to note that traditional OCR itself extracts information but does not understand it, does not integrate it with other solutions, and does not provide context for it.

This is where our product, Doc Recognizer, is a step ahead, as it allows you to extract data from documents, understands them by teaching the Artificial Intelligence model to learn different types of documents, identify important fields and automate their processing with a code-free experience. In addition, it also allows integration with other existing solutions. Welcome to a new way of working 😊

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