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No. DocRecognizer is an asynchronous API. All documents have a processing lead time and, once done, results can either be pushed to a callback or queried via API.

The maximum lead time will be determined alongside our customer when creating its license. Currently, we have lead times ranging from under 4 hours to 12 business hours, depending on the use-case.

A few hours. The setup of Doc Recognizer is defining the expected data schemas (set of document types and their fields) and the setup process is done mainly by Doc Recognizer’s team, following our customer's requirements.

After this setup process, your tenant will be available and ready to process documents

Yes. You need to contact your customer support team and provide them with the new data schema. The new data schema will be added to your tenant in a few hours.

Yes. If the document cannot read by our engine, the document may be rejected due to low quality.

Yes! Doc Recognizer provides a set of standard outputs (such as API, XLS and CSV) that can be easily integrated within any ERP.

Moreover, we can work directly with your IT team or ERP implementor to develop a connector for you.

Yes! DocRecognizer API is available for free with each license.

Unlimited! We don’t charge per user.

No! Doc Recognizer is not a document repository. Files are stored within a specific timeframe to ensure proper data extraction and validation, then they are deleted.

Yes. After uploading the file to Doc Recognizer the system will evaluate and extract the data from your document.

Yes. You can add and map the new fields to your invoice, on Doc Recognizer Portal.

Yes! We ensure that all data handling is done under strict compliance with local regulations. We’ve made security and privacy our top priority by following industry best practices to protect all of your data.

If you have any other specific question, our team is always available to get back to you. Contact us at

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